Classic eyelash extensions are an application of extensions to each individual eyelash. It is a very special technique to gives you a customized look at what you desire. Various styles can be created by applying different lengths and thicknesses to create a natural look, fuller look, or longer thicker lashes. There are so many advantages of having eyelash extensions, say bye-bye to mascara, forget applying mascara and saving you lots of time in your morning routine! Wake up with instant makeup on and fresh face look and feel. No more curling your lashes and best of all it's easy to maintain. Extensions are great for special occasions and or just daily wear. My job as a lash artist is also to protect your natural eyelashes too. I work hard and very precise to make sure you do not lose or damage your natural eyelashes with my applications. I like to tell my clients it's quality over quantity! I will take my time with every customer to make the best fit and look that you are going for.


Classic Eyelash Full Sets -Approx. 2.5 hours this is an estimate depending on how many natural lashes you have $170.00

Classic Fill -Approx. 90 mins Your lashes should have a 40% or less loss of lashes and you must be within~ 3 weeks to receive a classic fill price. $70.00

Extended Fill Approx. 120 mins. More than 40% of your lashes need to be filled but less than a full set $90.00

Mini Fill - Approx. 45 mins. This is just a quick touch up if you have a few spots that need some lashes added. On your way to a party or special event and need a few extra lashes. $40.00

Eyelash Removal - Approx. 30 mins. This is a removal of all eyelash extensions $35.00