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Hyesoon’s statement

My goal is to make clients Feel Good and Look Good. However there is no magic pill to do so. I have changed my approach. Technology in the Esthetic field is quickly advancing. Esthetics become a medicine that Works and Works fast.

We want to make you feel beautiful inside and out

Precious Med Spa is brand new to the area and we strive to help people live their best selves. We embrace the latest advancements in skin care and wellness, providing our experienced staff with continuous in-house training. We believe that real beauty emerges from healthy, well-nourished skin and will continue to expand our services and products in the coming years. We want to make you feel beautiful inside and out.

Meet the Experts


Hyesoon Choi

Hello, I would like to introduce myself to you. I became an ARNP who specialized in Psychiatry February 2011. I have been treating Mental Health with psychotropic medications and brief psychotherapy. Recently, I realized Aesthetic medicine has more power to make my clients happy than psychotropic medications and psychotherapy. Also, Aesthetic medicine works quicker than any other healing modalities.

So as a learner, I went back to school, National Laser Institute in the medical professional track to complete Aesthetic medicine courses. Throughout the training program, I treated many clients age from the early '30s to the late '70s. Each client comments were the same that they are happy right away. The clients feel more confident in living their life which couldn't change by itself. The clients are way more motivated to change their lifestyle to live life in full spectrum.

All I wanted through this transition, I would like to provide the best modality in happiness and provide motivation to find their own conviction to live life fully, JUST LIKE ME.

I pledged that

1. I will provide the effective and safe types of equipment that FDA cleared.

2. I will provide the pharmaceutical grade Cosmetic products.

3. I will provide evidence-based dietary supplements for anti-aging and the best Detox for a healthy and happy life.